Sunday Morning - Jesus Reaching Out (Luke)

April 28, 2019 at 10:45am


LUKE - Jesus reaching out 

 What does it mean to come close and share life with others? 

Luke records the story of God working through Jesus to usher in a new era of promise and Spirit-enablement so that the people of God can be God's people even in the midst of a hostile world. It is a message the church still needs today and reminded of. Luke provides a tour through the account of Jesus' life and ministry and lays a foundation for understanding how Jesus is centre of God’s purposes for salvation, that as Lord of all reaches out and calls all sorts of people into the Kingdom and to be disciples. This is about reversals.

Jesus seems to continuously be in the company of those on the margins of society. Throughout we see a focus on Jesus reaching out to different types and classes of people, particularly those on the fringes.

We see how these people who lack are dealt with and a concern for a group in society normally ignored, unmentioned, those on the fringes, people not concerned about them, yet Jesus reaches out to those society marginalised and show that the Gospel is for everyone, even those dismissed - women, lame and blind, sick, etc. In all of the gospel is everyone - Jesus is fully concerned about them - as the church - in way we treat those the world dismisses with compassion of Christ. This is a call to follow Jesus and live counter to the culture in many respects in ways that tear down barriers and allow the Gospel to go forth in how ‘we’ live out faith in Christ.

 Ash Barker has ministered in Bangkok and continues to work in an urban poverty area of Birmingham. He says elsewhere:

It’s a complete coincidence, but a nice one, that we should have moved here. … coming back from the majority world and realising that people in the West have lost their confidence in Jesus because they are just overwhelmed by the secular and other religions. But the gospel is public truth. If Jesus rose from the dead, then that changes everything.


Ash Barker | Serving Jesus Among the Urban Poor | The GlobalChurch Project from The GlobalChurch Project on Vimeo.


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