Pentecost Sunday 31st May - Online Service

Welcome to the online Fetteresso Church Service - Church At Home for this week.


Where are we going?

We don't know. These are unprecedented times. However, wherever we are going, and whatever changes lie ahead, we know that we do not go alone. God will be with us, through his Holy Spirit, and as we go, we travel with our brother and sister churches across Scotland and the World. In recognition of this we have decided that, this Pentecost Sunday, we are not going to worship alone, because we have all been invited by the Rt Rev. Martin Fair, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland to join him in a special Pentecost Service.


This was his message to us: 

Pentecost Sunday is an opportunity to rejoice in the birth of the church and to celebrate our togetherness as a church family,” 

“It was the coming of the Spirit upon those first disciples that brought the church to life, with power and passion - and the same Spirit unites us still.”

“Even though we cannot be together in person, we can be together in spirit. We can share in the same worship, pray together using the same words, be inspired together by the same Bible verses and affirm our unity as the body of Christ here on earth.

"Ordinarily, the worship of the Church is offered locally, rightly so. But it seems to me that in these present circumstances there is merit in giving over one Sunday to come together.


"Church at Home" will be back next week as normal - but for this week - please join with me in sharing our worship to God with the whole of the national church.


James Dickinson

Session Clerk.