Every Sunday, whilst Fetteresso Church remains closed due to Coronavirus Covid-19, material for a contemplative prayer session will be uploaded to this section of the Church at Home web pages.

These sessions will be prepared for individual use although there is no reason why two or more people in a household or over the internet via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and so on could not do the material together. One person could take the lead and guide the other(s) through it.

If you do wish to work and pray through the material with someone else, you may wish to discuss what you have done and what you have experienced. I would only suggest doing this at the end of the first and second exercises. If so, please hold what is offered by each person with gentle hands recognising that prayer is above all God’s work and, as someone shares, the invitation is to listen rather than to analyse.

For more information about Contemplative Prayer, go to the EXPLAINING CONTEMPLATION section.

Sarah Dickinson


Below is a list of links to the material posted thus far.

1. Explaining Contemplation

2. 'Ripples'

3. 'Resilience'

4. 'Climate Change'

5. Patience

6. Joy   (Audio Commentary here)

7. Silver Linings   (Audio Commentary here)

8. Empty  (Audio Commentary here)

9. Out of the Extraordinary  (Audio Commentary here)

10. At This Time  (Audio Commentary here)

11. Seasons for Growth (Audio Commentary here)

12. Walking with God (Audio Commentary here)

13. Community (Audio Commentary here)

14. Be Bold (Audio Commentary here)

15. Stepping Out (Audio Commentary here)

16. Perspective