Welcome! We know that you will likely want to find out about this church and so it is our hope that you will find something useful to help inform you of the ways we are seeking to be faithful -A life of worship, a life of love and a life of service.

Our church is currently in vacancy, which means that we do not have a full-time minister, although we are hoping to recruit one in the course of 2020.  In the interim, we continue to meet, worship together, and serve our community drawing on the many gifts which Gods has blessed us with. 

 In this way we hope that we show that the church is not a building, it is a people, and a family.  Here at Fetteresso we continue to seek to make that a reality, with the facilities we have serving our ministry and mission. Most of all we want to be a congregation where people feel they belong and can contribute, a place where people can know and celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ and share life together.

 We are not perfect, but we are people connected by our faith in God and through building relationships with one another. Faith impacts who we are and what we do, in worshiping, in fellowship with one another, in learning ways to serve not only among us, but in our community and beyond.  I hope that you will more than anything feel able to make connections here and join in serving.

James Dickinson

Session Clerk