Prayer Life

Prayer is a key part of our life together. Prayer occurs in various places and times as people gather.


Each Sunday, as part of our worship, the congregation are invited to take one or more prayer cards from the basket as they leave, and use these to pray for an individual (first name only), a situation or world issue. The following Sunday these are placed in a basket as our offering prayers and the cycle begins all over again. This is a key part of our prayer rhythm together.

Monday Prayer Meeting

Every Monday, during term time, we have a prayer meeting from 10am to 11am in the creche room.  Come and join us!


Monthly Prayer Focus for September

September Prayer Focus -
Christian Aid & Nominating Committee 

On our Bulletin we have already highlighted the work of Christian Aid . 

During September we wish to focus on this and also the work of the Nominating Committee as they seek a new minister for Fetteresso Church on our behalf.

Christian Aid

In the wake of the terrible disaster in Beirut, the explosion claimed the lives of 150 people and injured over 5000 people. 750,000 people have been left living on the streets without shelter, food, or emergency medical supplies.  Eighty five percent of the country’s grain supply and medical supplies were destroyed.

Lord we pray for all the people who are suffering in the Lebanon, and in Beirut.  We pray that aid will be focussed and co-ordinated and will reach the people in such dire need.  

Lord we turn to you. Your love of all people inspires us to care for others. What can we do?  There is an enormous amount of work to do.  The devastation down at the site of the explosion and in the immediate surroundings is still very profound.  Terrible economic crisis already affects the country. 

Lord, we thank you for those who answer the call when you ask, ‘Whom shall I send?’ We are glad of the Christian Aid response of distributing food, water and hygiene disinfectant, clothes, mattresses, and blankets. 

Christian Aid have asked that we pray for peace and comfort for all those suffering and assure us that in times of crisis acts of compassion, big or small can make a world of difference. So Lord we come asking this for the people of Lebanon. In your great love and mercy hear our prayers in Jesus name.


Should you wish to contribute to the work of Christian Aid please follow the link to the Christian Aid, Lebanon Crisis Appeal

Nominating Committee.

The committee ask that we continue to pray alongside them.

Please uphold the committee constantly in your prayers before God.


Dear Lord,

Lord we give you thanks that you have always provided for us at Fetteresso.

We thank you and look to you expectantly trusting that you will again provide us with a leader.

We give thanks for the work of the nominating committee at Fetteresso.

We pray asking:

  • that the future minister may now have applied before the closing date of 31st August.
  • that the next stages will be Spirit led and that the committee will be in accord during any interviews and decision making.
  • that if a successful candidate has come forward that this will be clear to the members of the committee that this is Your choice for Fetteresso.
  • that any successful candidate will also be sure of Your call to Fetteresso
  • that you will bless the members of the committee with the wisdom, discernment and perseverance to undertake this task however long it takes.

May this be to your Glory and purpose for your people in Stonehaven. In Jesus name.