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Guilds are now able to meet, subject to local restrictions, when you can enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit as well as fellowship. With this in mind the
co-ordinators met to discuss how this could be done safely.

We propose to continue to meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month beginning on

14th September but in the AFTERNOON from 2.00pm to 4.00pm

instead of evening meetings. The rationale was that over the past 18 months there may have been significant changes in members' circumstances and dark winter nights are not particularly appealing when it comes to socialising again.

If anyone has any comments or uncertainties regarding this proposed change then please let me know either by phone or email.

Joan Macdonald - 07917 756779 / 01569 760471


Guild News Summer 2021


Happy summer holidays to all our Guild members


The power of peace

My wife, Elaine, and I recently returned from our annual trip to Arran.
We spent two happy, sunny weeks on the island and once again were refreshed by its stunning beauty and variety.
Over our time there, we walked around 60 miles across rocky and sandy coastlines, up and down steep and rugged hills, through forests and over streams. We saw beautiful lochans and views as far as Jura. We shared time with friends and had quiet times of reading and relaxing.
It’s good to be able to unwind in a place like that but it is also good to use the time to reflect on the wonder of creation and, without being overdramatic, your own place in that.
One thing that really struck me, though not for the first time, was the power of the peace that pervades vast outdoor spaces.
On a walk up and down Glen Rosa, I stopped and looked around me. The mountains and the corries between them, the sweeping hills and the big sky, the rushing Rosa Burn, buzzards and fish and much history and vitality, yet amongst all that there was this sense of silence and of infinity and eternity.
At times like that, I wonder how atheists can believe that this is all an accident, a random gathering of particles and physical forces. For me it is in places like Glen Rosa that God speaks loudest, as well as in music and words…places where we are alive in our thoughts, but also in all of our senses.
I wonder if the story of Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness being tempted by the devil says something of the same…was he just considering what was being asked of him, doing that in solitude and coming up with answers? Or was the wilderness key to it all…the sense of the wonder of creation inspiring him and moving him?
We should never underestimate the power of peace and the power of beauty…we are sentient and emotional beings and words are not enough!

Iain Whyte
General Secretary



A number of people have been in touch to let us know about a great sermon from Rev Laurence Twaddle, the husband of our former General Secretary, the late Alison Twaddle. It really is a fantastic reaffirmation of the work of the Guild and all that the Guild achieves for God when we dare to care.

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Creation care banners

Could your Guild create a patch to be part of two banners that will be hung at the Mound in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh New College is inviting community and faith groups to send a message for tackling the climate crisis to the COP26 conference, scheduled to be held in Glasgow in November.

The banners will be hung on the towers of New College overlooking Princes Street. Each patch will contribute to this one overall artwork that will raise awareness of the climate emergency and be a faith-based statement of support for the COP26 conference.

Designs should be big, bold and striking, reflecting the theme of care for creation, and should use green, natural, found and/or recycled materials. The predominant colour should be green. The words 'Creation Care not Ecocide' will form part of the design on the 22-metre banners.

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Life and Work Coronavirus Diaries

In this week's edition of Life and Work's regular feature on living through the coronavirus pandemic, the Rev Isaac Mulongo, Moderator of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Synod of Livingstonia, reports on his experience in Malawi, including financial struggles, food shortages and spiritual growth.

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Monday Memories

As we pray for our past national leaders over the next few editions, we hope that you enjoy this picture of some of those who led the Guild, snapped in 2010.


Abide with me

As tuberculosis ravaged his body and the knowledge of his approaching death plagued his mind, 54-year-old Henry Francis Lyte used his personal time of tragedy and trial to pen one of the most beloved hymns of all time.
Reflecting on personal mortality and a relationship with God, the hymn helps us to reflect on the need for God to stay near "as the darkness deepens." Or indeed 'through cloud and sunshine Lord, abide with me'.
There have certainly been times over the past year when all of us could relate to that.

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Pray this month

  • Monday 12th: for our Associate Secretary Karen, as she enjoys some time of rest and relaxation with her family.
  • Tuesday 13th: thinking especially of our 2001-02 National Convener, Elspeth Kerr, and giving thanks for her prayerful support of the Guild.
  • Wednesday 14th: remembering Guilds in the Lochaber Guilds Together areas.
  • Thursday 15th: giving thanks for our twinning partnership between Shetland and Dwangwa and asking God to richly bless these ongoing relationships.
  • Friday 16th: thinking especially of our 2002-03 National Convener, Vivienne Macdonald, giving thanks for her adventurous spirit and commitment to the Guild.
  • Saturday 17th: remembering Guilds in Buchan East Guilds Together area.
  • Sunday 18th: our project partner Beat and the work they are doing to support people facing the challenges of eating disorders.
  • Monday 19th: thinking especially of our 2004-05 National Convener, Elspeth Dale. Giving thanks for her continued involvement in and support for her local Guilds.
  • Tuesday 20th: for Guilds in the Falkirk Guilds Together area.
  • Wednesday 21st: thinking especially of our 2005-06 National Convener, Norah Summer and giving thanks for the ways in which she continues to support the Guild.
  • Thursday 22nd: for all young people, graduating this month, asking God to lead them in his ways and guide them in the paths they walk.
  • Friday 23rd: thinking especially of our 2006-07 National Convener, Lesley McCorkindale who was our youngest National Convener.
  • Saturday 24th: remembering Guilds in the Paisley Guilds Together Area.
  • Sunday 25th: thinking especially of our 2007-08 National Convener, Ann Bowie. Giving thanks for her support for the Guild and continued work with the World Day of Prayer.
  • Monday 26th: giving thanks for the work of our project partner, The Vine Trust and the work to establish the Kazunzu village of hope in Tanzania.
  • Tuesday 27th: thinking especially of our 2008-09 National Convener, Esme Duncan. Praising God for her continued prayerful support for the Guild locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Wednesday 28th: giving thanks for our twinning partnership between Ayr and Bandawe and asking God to richly bless these ongoing relationships.
  • Thursday 29th: thinking especially of our 2009-10 National Convener, Betty Dunn and for all that she has done and continues to do to promote the work of the Guild.
  • Friday 30th: remembering Guilds in Roxburgh Guilds Together area.
  • Saturday 31st thinking especially of our 2010-11 National Convener, Helen-May Bayne and giving thanks for her involvement in the recent visit to our project partners in Zambia.
  • Sunday 1st: giving thanks for our project partner UNIDA and the work they are doing to empower women in Brazil.
  • Monday 2nd: thinking especially of our 2012-13 National Convener, Mary Ford and for her continued work in North Ayrshire Guilds Together.
  • Tuesday 3rd: remembering Guilds in Orkney Guilds Together area.
  • Wednesday 4th: giving thanks for our twinning partnership between Dunbartonshire and Mzuzu and asking God to richly bless these ongoing relationships.
  • Thursday 5th: thinking especially of our 2013-14 National Convener, Marjorie Paton and all that she does to support the work of the World Day of Prayer Scotland Committee.
  • Friday 6th: remembering Guilds in the Glasgow East Guilds Together area.
  • Saturday 7th: thinking especially of our 2014-15 National Convener, Kay Keith thanking God for her time as Convener and her continued support for the Guild.
  • Sunday 8th: giving thanks for our twinning partnership between North Ayrshire and Milala and asking God to richly bless these ongoing relationships.


Enews is on our summer holidays!

We are taking a few weeks off over the summer. We hope the sun shines on you all and we will be back on Monday, 9 August.


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