Heart for Art

“I have two sons who are both art teachers. I am looking forward to showing them my artwork as proof they got their talent from me”

Significant international research has identified that there are enormous benefits to using Creative Arts. This enables people with dementia to connect with society and express themselves, whilst breaking down the barriers of preconception, stigma and discrimination.

Heart for Art is designed through early intervention to promote creativity, self worth and achievement. From the early stages of the project the benefits of active life long learning, acting with purpose and the concentration on creative tasks has been visible. The project offers the opportunity for people with dementia and their carers, throughout Scotland to build supportive relationships and access support and advice from CrossReach staff.

The National Dementia Strategy for Scotland predicts a huge increase in the number of people with dementia over the next two decades. CrossReach have a history of innovation in dementia care, opening the first service exclusively for people with dementia within a homely environment in 1983. The Heart for Art project continues this trend, focusing on citizenship and opening up another avenue in promoting the abilities and potential of people with dementia.

Please contact the Office for more details of this group whether it is to help or 

for someone who may be able to benefit from this group time.