Some thoughts for prayer

Prayer focus for April

Forward in Faith



On Palm Sunday we rejoiced that we were at last able to meet together in Church to worship God with our new leader Mark as he begins his ministry at Fetteresso.  


Over the past few weeks Mark has brought us God’s word from Exodus, reflecting on the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land. The way was unknown to them but God had a plan to rescue the Israelites. 

As the Israelites came to the Red Sea they must have wondered how they were ever going to get to the other side. Yet God miraculously made a way through the Red Sea where none seemed possible. The Israelites moved forward in faith. 

As we journey through Easter and beyond we are reminded anew that God had a plan to rescue the world through our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus came to fulfil God’s plan.

It was not the rescue the disciples expected. It was not the road any of them hoped for or would have expected to travel but God had the plan. Following Jesus’ resurrection and final instructions;  the disciples moved forward in faith. 

As we journey on through the pandemic the way still remains unknown. This was not a journey that any of us expected. It is certainly not what any of us would have hoped for. 

In many ways this may seem like a Red Sea Road. 

We do not know when we will get to the other side. Yet God does. 

As we journey on together as God’s church at Fetteresso we do not know what the way ahead looks like. Yet God does. 

As we seek to navigate new ways of doing and being church here in Stonehaven we do not know what the future will bring. Yet God does. 


The Philippians were willing to be used by God for whatever he wanted them to do and were remembered with joy by Paul for their contribution in spreading God’s message. 

Together we have a part to play in continuing to carry out God’s plans.

Let us too move forward in faith. 


Father God we thank you that whatever is happening you are still in control. Though we cannot see the way you do. Thank you that you remind us that you still have the plan. 

Help us to continue to seek your plan.

Give us faith to trust in your plan.

Equip us to carry out your plan.

Being confident that you will complete your plan. 

In Jesus name. Amen. 




We offer a thought for your prayers for each day this month. You might like to take a moment to print them out or copy them into your daily diary or calendar.

Let’s pray together each day. 


1st. For those for whom the night is long and painful. 

2nd. Give thanks for Jesus and his sacrifice. 

3rd. Pray for all who wait for answers to prayer. 

4th. Give thanks for new life in Christ. 

5th. For Hairdressers. 

6th. F or those still on ventilators. 

7th. Give thanks for the signs of spring, new life, little lambs and the colours of the garden.

8th. For Children living in poverty.

9th. Give thanks for all who organise and help at the food bank.

10th. For vets who care for our animals and pets. 

11th. F or God’s plans for us at Fetteresso in changing times. 

12th. Remember all those who need the food bank now. 

13th. For the reconciliation of estranged families. 

14th. For those who are alone that we may, in God’s will come alongside them. 

15th. For every new morning. 

16th. For God’s light in the darkest night. 

17th. For those who feel lost - there is always a way back to God 

18th. For those on a mission - may God guide them in His ways. 

19th. Protection for all as the schools return today. 

20th. For the outcast, the stranger, the refugee whose road is hard and long. 

21st. That those who are weary may find rest in Jesus. 

22nd. For those who are at a crossroad - may God guide them on His path. 

23rd. For those whose health and lives have radically changed due to Covid. 

24th. For the longest journey that begins one step at a time. 

25th. Hope for those who feel that they cannot go on. 

26th. Give thanks as God provides everything we need for the journey. 

27th. For God’s healing and loving touch in our lives. 

28th. For those whose journey is almost at its end. 

29th. For the prodigal who returns - the Father’s heart is always filled with joy. 

30th. For peace in our war torn world.