Sunday 10th May - Online Service

Welcome to the online Fetteresso Church Service - Church At Home for this week.

Just follow through the video clips for our digital service.


We live in such worrying, troubling and uncertain times, with so much information

often confusing and somewhat overwhelming. We see all too clearly the importance

of sticking to a simple but very important message

“Stay at Home; Protect the NHS; and Save lives”


Today’s reading from John Chapter 14 starts with these words

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

Trust in God Trust also in me.


Perhaps we need to hear these words, a clear message today for ourselves, for our own situation.

But let us also think of others particularly those that at this time and in this generation that

are doing extraordinary things.  You might want to write them down on a list and

give thanks and prayers for them.


As I write this it is VE Day, marking the end of war in Europe in 7th May 1945 - another time, another place, another generation. You get a flavour of what it was like in the BBC Two programmes “Britain’s Greatest Generation.”  What came across in these programmes was ordinary people doing extraordinary things

with quiet grit and determination. It is through their sacrifice that we have our freedom.

So let us also give thanks for the sacrificial giving of others from all generations.


The ultimate sacrifice of course was that of God sending his son Jesus to die on a cross.

That ultimate sacrifice means that we have the ultimate freedom of Life in all its fullness

both now and in eternity.


In the immortal words of Hughie Charles, put to the tune by Ross Parker, sung by Vera Lynn

We'll meet again


Keep Safe and Keep Singing.

(Keith Stewart).


Tell Out My Soul


10,000 Reasons


All Through History


Across the Lands (Choral Version)


Bible Reading - John 14: 1-14 (read by John Chalmers)


Will you come and follow me


Sermon - Faith in troubled times (by Rev Bill Wallace)


Anthem - For such a time as this


Intercessory Prayers, and O Church Arise


Jesus, I my cross have taken (Reflective song)