Sunday 12th July - Online Service

Welcome to the online Fetteresso Church Service - Church At Home for this week.

Just follow through the video for our digital service this week.


For the next two weeks - Sunday 19th and Sunday 26th July, the online Services will be led The Moderator-

The Very Rev Dr Martin Fair. These high-quality Worship services have been produced by the Central Church of Scotland to help busy congregations at this time, especially as they prepare to transition into returning to Church.   Our own online Service will be back and continue from 1st August.


Can I encourage you to look at the informative video that our Session Clerk James Dickinson has produced on how that return to Church might look like for us, here at Fetteresso Church.

Please have a look at that, it is on the Fetteresso Website Main Page.

The other week I was at an online Worship Webinar along with 600 other people hosted by the Moderator.  Martin Fair along with a panel of experts helped facilitate a discussion as to what Church Worship might look like and might be like as we move forward.

The summary is this: -

All Churches are in the same boat, exploring and using new technology in innovative ways to stay connected and to Worship together, albeit digital distanced.

Nearly all Churches would be continuing their “online Service” even when they reopen.

They all had worries, understandably about how to resource and deliver this “two -track” approach.

And the Main point all Churches were committed to serve their Congregations and Parishes even under the necessary restrictions in place at this time. Fetteresso is no different from that.

Under the leadership of James Dickinson our Session Clerk a great deal of thought and prayer and practical preparation has gone into how we move forward.  For all of us, that moving forward that will require Patience, but most of all Prayer.   

So, whether at this time you are a “Psalm 122” Person: -

1 I rejoiced with those who said to me, 

“Let us go to the house of the Lord.”
2 Our feet are standing in your gates, Jerusalem.

Or a Psalm 42 person: -

These things I remember
as I pour out my soul:
how I used to go to the house of God
under the protection of the Mighty One[d]
with shouts of joy and praise
among the festive throng.

We are still all Church together, a Worshipping People, wherever that is for you at this time.

“Put your hope in God,
 for I will yet praise him

                         Psalm 42

Keep Safe and Keep Singing

(Keith Stewart).


Our Online Service for this week: