Sunday 24th May - Online Service

Welcome to the online Fetteresso Church Service - Church At Home for this week.

Just follow through the video clips for our digital service.


Firstly, just a note about next week’s service on Sunday 31st of May. There will be no online Fetteresso Digital service as we have been asked to join in with the main Church of Scotland Service. This Service, to mark Pentecost will be Led by the Moderator the Rt. Rev. Dr. Martin Fair. The live stream of this service will be at 10 -10.30 am next Sunday morning. Just go to the Church of Scotland website or Facebook and follow the link.  Note this will also be available there as a recorded service should you want to look at that at a different time/day.

Well Pentecost is the Birthday of the Church. I wonder how many of you have had a birthday during lockdown and what you felt on what was a special day for you but really couldn’t be shared in the way you might have wanted, - not quite the same with Zoom.

Well tomorrow is a BIG Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fetteresso, we are 774 years old!!!

On the 25th May 1246 Bishop David de Bernham dedicated Fetteresso Church and the interesting thing is this, we know exactly what he said and indeed what he sung.  All of that is written down in the pontificals, (Pontificale Ecclesiae S. Andreae) which were used as a text, to dedicate and consecrate a Church and all its associated ecclesiastical paraphernalia.

Well I can’t help but feel a bit envious of Bishop de Bernham, and his certainties. With everything written down in front of him, he only needs to follow, for what for him would be a well-known script. In these Covid-19 days, I am afraid the certainties of David de Bernham’s day are realistically a very far way off.  Where we find ourselves in the Church today, we simply don’t have a script to follow.  If you think about major events in Scottish Church History that have changed the Church: - 1560 The Scottish Reformation; and 1843 The Disruption.  Well, while we have to be very careful with comparisons, Covid-19 era 2020 is certainly disruptive and reformation or change, well that is almost inevitable for the Church at this time.

It may be that we need to go much further back in our Fetteresso Church History to St Ciaran and to our Celtic Roots if we want any help with a plan for the future.  Perhaps we just need to get into the next available coracle and see where that takes us.

I leave you with a picture, in fact it is the screen saver on my Laptop that is used to prepare this Service. It is a picture of Old Fetteresso Kirk fused with a picture of Clonmacnoise the Abbey on the banks of the Shannon River that St Ciaran founded in 544.  The connection in time is of many many years but a least there is Hope that is represented by the rainbow.  The rainbow a symbol of Hope common to both pictures indeed both places and indeed both times and of course very much a symbol of hope for today.


Happy Birthday Fetteresso

Keep Safe and Keep Singing

(Keith Stewart).



Opening Worship - "Come, Now is the Time" and "Salvation Belongs to our God"


HHH - by Matt Sinar


City on a Hill


Prayer, by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Martin Fair


Ye Servants of God


Bible Reading - John 17: 1-11


Light of the World


Sermon - by Professor Linda Lawton


Anthem - Only God




There is a Redeemer


My Lighthouse (Youth Band)