Sunday 26th April - Online Service

Sunday 26th April 2020

Fetteresso has always been a Praising, Singing, Worshipping Church. 

We have a complete Audio archive, some 12 years, of Worship and Praise from Ian Gillis the Choir and the Worship Bands and you the Congregation.  So, thank you for all your contributions that make up this archive and that enables us to make up this Digital Service.

Thanks also to those that lead the service through Word and prayer, again taken from our audio archives.  Special thanks to Rev. Graham Black who leads us in our prayers today.

To Jane Moody who away back on the 19th April 2009 !!!!! read Luke 26 v 13-35 and now digitally reads that same passage to us TODAY.

Thanks to James Dickinson who has recorded a new talk and his thoughts on The Road to Emmaus.

Apart from the talk, everything comes from the sound archive. It is rather comforting to hear the children dance on the chancel as well as the offering plates being placed on the communion table.

So, while we can’t meet physically in the Church Building just now, hopefully this Church Service can bring a bit of Fetteresso into your home – and just think, you can have a cup of coffee during the service, and even a biscuit or two!!!



(Keith Stewart)


Welcome (by Rev Graham Black) and Praise My Soul


Prayers (led by Rev Graham Black)


City on a Hill


The Lord's My Shepherd


Bible Reading - Luke 24


I, the Lord of Sea and Sky


Sermon - by James Dickinson


Anthem - The Master has Come


Glory Be, and Holy Holy (Choral Version)