Sunday 27th September - Online Service

Welcome to the online Fetteresso Church Service - Church At Home for this week.

The theme of this week’s Service is Forgiveness. Many thanks to Robert Bell for leading us through this Service, and for preaching. Thanks also to Ian Gillis our Choirmaster and Organist for the Musical interludes. Due to the current guidelines any music praise items in this Online Service have been added in from our extensive Digital Sound Archives.

Today, Robert preaches on the parable “The Workers in the Vineyard”. Jesus uses parables to tell us about the deep truths of the Kingdom of God, and through that, rather uncomfortably exposes our shallow understanding of Kingdom ways.  This is because while we in Jesus are “not of this world” we still are “in this world” and so are exposed to the rather dubious values and judgements of this world.  Again, as we did last week, look at Hebrews 4 v16 where we find that God’s Mercy and Grace are all encompassing. Only by understanding and applying Gods Kingdom values can we find freedom – as Charles Wesley’s great hymn And Can it be, says – “My Chains fell off my heart was free I rose went forth and followed Thee.”  Or as Psalm 107v 14 says: -

Keep Safe Keep Singing Keep Working in the Vineyard

(Keith Stewart).