Sunday 3rd May - Online Service

Welcome to the online Fetteresso Church Service this week.

Just follow through the video clips for our digital service.

I have included at the very end of the service after the Blessing a very special song by Jean and Peter Webster. So, listen out for that.

I hope it is a comfort to you in these difficult times.


The theme for today’s service is “The Good Shepherd.

You might want to take some time to think about what a shepherd is.

Have a look through the Bible and see how many shepherds and indeed shepherdesses (Genesis 29 v9) you can find.


What did they end up doing?  Think about Moses, David and how their shepherding skills were needed to lead a people and a nation. Well my GGGG-Grand Father was a shepherd in Kingussie and while he didn’t end up leading a nation, I am sure like all shepherds all his skills and efforts were focussed on protecting the flock under his care.


Have a look at our Stained-glass windows section of our Church Web site (under the Welcome tab) where you will find The Good Shepherd in the Wood Memorial window by James Benson. This is a very much idealised Arts and Crafts depiction of a Shepherd and very far removed from the harsh realities of the life of a shepherd.


Have a think about the people who have been a shepherd to you.

Giving you a word of encouragement or indeed a word of warning that has saved you from yourself - well, sheep are like that.


So, listen out today for the words of the Good Shepherd.



(Keith Stewart)


Call to Worship & King of Heaven


Praise to the Lord


The King of Love


Bible Reading - John 10: 1-10 (read by Clem Stewart)


(Reflective Music) - Christ in Me


Sermon - "The Good Shepherd" (by Rev Bill Wallace)


Anthem - The Clare Blessing


Prayers of Intercession, and Beauty for Brokenness


O Jesus I have Promised, and Closing Blessing


You Raise Me Up