Sunday 5th April 2020 - Praise and Worship

Palm Sunday

Welcome to Praise and Worship for this week.

It is good to see the signs of spring and new life, especially in these difficult days.

As David Hockney said this week  “They can’t cancel spring.

At Fetteresso we know that it is spring when the Choir sings  “ All in an April Evening”  


Well, it’s spring !!!!!!   -  so listen out for that Anthem from the choir today.


I have given the outline for this week’s service (see below).

Please follow along with the video clips.

Also remember to go to the “Bible Teaching” section under in the Church at Home Tab.

Our Talk this week is by Rev Bill Wallace our interim Moderator.

Also listen out for some familiar voices of Len Montgomery and also

Fyfe Blair who leads us in our prayers and closes with a Blessing today.


1. Hosanna loud hosanna.   Prayer led by Fyfe Blair.

2. Big Family of God- Fetteresso Version.

3. Make way, make way.    

4. Ride on ride on in majesty.


Bible Teaching This Week:

Reading Mathew 21 v 1-11  (Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King)

Sermon – Palm Sunday – Rev Bill Wallace.


5. ANTHEM:  All in the April evening – Fetteresso Choir.

6. The Power of the Cross.

     Communal Psalm 43 - led by Len Montgomery

     AND CLOSING BLESSING – Rev Fyfe Blair. 


“Why, my soul, are you downcast?

  Why so disturbed within me?

  Put your hope in God,

  For I will yet praise Him,

  My Saviour and my God”

                                       Psalm 43 v 5.


Blessings - Keep Safe and Keep Singing.

(Keith Stewart).


Hosanna, Loud Hosanna


Big Family of God


Make Way, Make Way


Ride on, Ride on in Majesty


Sermon - Matthew 21 v 1-11 (Rev Bill Wallace)


Anthem - All in the April Evening


The Power of the Cross