Weddings at Fetteresso

Your Wedding Day


Fetteresso Church is an excellent choice for your wedding. We look forward to being able to help you make the most of your day and your future together in marriage. This page contains some of the practical helps regarding your wedding in Fetteresso. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Notice of Marriage

About six weeks before the wedding date, you must give notice of your intention to marry to the local Registrar. This is a necessary legal requirement. You will be told to collect the Marriage Schedule during the week before the wedding. Please note that without the Schedule the marriage cannot take place. Please bring the Schedule to the church for the rehearsal.

Music for the Service

You should discuss the choice of hymns and processional music with the minister and organist.

Flower Arrangements

Please contact the Church Office to arrange a time before the wedding, for the flowers to be placed / arranged in the church. The arrangements can be collected from the church the next day or they can be left in the church. You should decide and advise what arrangements you will made regarding the flowers afterwards.

Photographs and Video Recordings

To avoid any distractions, we ask that the photographer and/or video recordist should consult with the Church Officer/minister before the service begins.


Fees are payable for the services of the Church Officer and Organist and we would ask that non-members of the church make a contribution towards the heating and lighting costs of the church. The fees, in addressed envelopes, should be handed to the Minister at the time of the rehearsal. These are:

Organist £77 [Payable to Organist]

Church (payment includes Church Officer) £220 (non-members) [Payable to Fetteresso Church